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Foolprrof Security will be given to World XI team in Pakistan

World XI will Given Foolproof Security
Pakistan Government take Personal Interest to Manage Security for Cricket Matches in Pakistan. World XI team tour Lahore in September.

Punjab Rangers will handle Security arrangemnets for World XI team for 3 T20 International Matches.

Interior minister Ahsan Iqbal has said on Tuesday that World XI would be provided with foolproof security during their stay in Pakistan.

The interior minister convened a meeting with Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief Najam Sethi and discussed revival of the international sport in the country.

While conversing with the cricket board chairman, Iqbal welcomed revival of international sport in Pakistan and claimed that terror elements were have been taken down and that the present day Pakistan is suitable for international sports.

The interior minister said that the government is making efforts for the cause and it is one of the priorities of the government to ensure a safe trip to the foreign cricketers.

An organised and integrated strategy will be formed for the purpose, the minister said.

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